Help and FAQ

Q: How is it possible?

A: The cost of products and services and the profit are covered by the Joining fees (paid once by each participant for an auction) and the final PRICE OF the auction paid by the winner. These are the ONLY COSTS.  

Q: How do I participate in an auction?

A: To take part in an auction, the site visitor must complete the following steps:

1. Create an account on the site if it does not already have one.

2. Pay the joining fee. Auction participation is paid once per auction per                registered visitor. There are no other costs.

3. Login the site at the date / time of the auction.  

Q: When I win, how do I get the auctioned product?

A: The winner will receive an email immediately after the auction ends, announcing that she/he won the auction and how to pay the bid price.  

Q: How long after winning a bid, do I have to pay the bid price?

A: The proof of payment of the bidding price (by card) must be made within

    7 business days from the date of the auction.  

Q: How long after winning an auction can I get the won product?

A: The earned products will be sent free of charge by courier to the address registered by the winner in our database, within 7 business days from payment of the bidding price.  

Q: If I paid my participation, the auction starts and I do not participate in it, do I get the money back?

A: No.  

Q: If the auction is canceled, will I get the money back?

A: Yes, the amount paid for participation will be refunded in full.


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