About Us

PURPLE SPARK SRL (CUI 33001002) runs Nanobid4fun.com, a website created based on an original idea registered at ORDA - the Romanian Copyright Office, under the number INT.nr.RGII/4889/24.05.2012 - IES.nr.RG II/4889/09.07.2012    . Nanobid4fun.com is a site for online auctions. The products and services are marketed from different suppliers and offered at the same level of quality and with the same warranty terms. In order to participate in an auction, each user has to pay the participation fee once. The way the auction is conducted is described in the terms and condition of service and does not involve any other costs on the part of the participants. The one who offers the highest price within the limited duration of an auction, will be the winner of that auction. After paying the bidding price and send the confirmation of payment, the winner will receive the product / service. The time allocated to an auction is limited. Taking into account that the starting price of an auction is very low, the price increase can be done in small steps and the time is limited, the price cannot exceed the maximum price on site. IMPORTANT NOTICE: The cost of the products and services traded, as well as the profit are covered by the amounts resulting from the JOINING FEES (the number of participants x the price of participation) and the FINAL BIDDING PRICE. Nanobid4fun.com  is different from other bidding sites that allow the use of robots (or soft bots) to bid automatically, to the detriment of human participants. Nanobid4fun.com uses CAPTCHA codes to validate that each bidden price comes from a human user, offering similar chances to all participants.


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